Reduced Never Ridden Shop Soiled Early Nineties 16" Muddy Fox Rock N Roll Almost Complete - £99 in Merseyside


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Hello everyone

I bought this bike over 12 months ago and it has sat untouched ever since. I bought it as this model was my first 'proper' MTB as a teenager in the 90's (think I had an AL Carter before it?).

It doesn't appear to have ever been ridden and is complete with dust and marks/scratches from storage. It is missing its chainset (and therefore pedals) and its bar-ends.

Regrettably I've decided to move it on as in reality I'll probably never get round to doing anything with it :(

If anyone is interested I can include a used Alivio MC10 chainset and a new set of platform pedals to get it riding.

Pic from original advert: 20230117_134322.jpg

Catalogue entry:

muddy fox rock n roll (2).jpg

As it sits now: