Needing a 1 1/4" Manitou crown and steerer FOUND


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[/img][/img]I have a nice Manitou 3 1 1/8 fork with a Manitou Magnum crown and steerer but the steerer is bit short at 180 mm..

I'm after a 1 1/4 crown and longer steerer. If it's threadless then I'd need a 200 mms steerer(ish). And if threaded then about 180 mms plus. Even a 1 1/8" crown and steerer then I can use a shim or headset reducer but that's not ideal tbh.

Would prefer threadless,but at the minute I'm just keen to find something so I can get on building my Manitou fs.

Would consider buying a complete fork if the right one came along at a decent price.
Efc, M2 Manitou 3/4 all considered.

All options considered for sure,or if you have an idea I've missed please let me know.

What you got boyz...

Money waiting to be spent on this. EBay hasn't been helpful for once