narrow 11/8" threadless headset


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Hi I have a pair of rockshox SID team forks that had the steerer tube cut for my old Serotta CTI. I now want to use them on my new old frame but I have my stem top 10mm above the steerer tube. I would like 3to4mm. My idea is if I fit a narrower headset I may buy 3mm at either end.The cups are externally approx 10mm deep each so if I could get a set with say 7mm cups I can get back to my ideal set up. Can anyone help? Colin. PS I have the smallest stem I could find at 40mm.


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I use a Crank Brothers Iodine SL headset. It is about 21mm inc the crown race. I think the Cobalt SL is the same. Pretty light and bearings have been ok for me. I think that is possibly the lowest stack available so could be time to hit up a mate with a lathe and get creative.