Mystery frame?


Dirt Disciple
Thanks to Old Ned and curyam, I now know that my frame isn't a Clive Stuart, but I'm no nearer knowing what it is. I've removed most of the paint, without finding a frame number. There's no number stamped on the agrati rear drop outs, and if the Nervex bottom bracket did once have a number, corrosion has eliminated it. There's nothing on the seat tube, and the seat lug has only 72° stamped on it. The seat stays aren't wrap over, but have a 61mm long flat at the top, and taper down to a very fine 8mm diameter at the rear dropouts. There are badge rivet holes in the headstock, vertically aligned and 45mm apart, but no badge, or outline of one. Weight of the bare frame is 2.02kg. There are pump mounts brazed under the top tube, and cable stops for a rear derailleur.
As an old bike newbie, I'm hoping someone can identify the bike and give me some idea of it's quality and era so I can judge how and whether to restore it (there's a lot of surface pitting on the tubes). Thanks for looking.


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Retro Guru
Am I mistaken or has that frame been subject to a head-on collision?

I does look nice, though. If it were mine and my size I'd want to build it up.


Retro Wizard
My old bike shop Cliff Pratt made frames like that years ago so could be any nice builder. The 72 is the angle of the lug. Nice though :)


Dirt Disciple
I see what you mean, non- fixie, but I think it's just a thick layer of paint cracking. I've since stripped the paint, no obvious signs of damage around the lug or tube.


Retro Wizard
Agrati lugs at the back - that's unusual. Is it an Italian or English bottom bracket?
Lens distortion can be very deceptive, but I agree that the frame might have been crashed - the top tube seems to curl downwards (like the down tube) at the head cluster. I'd put a steel rule on it to be sure. There doesn't seem to be a bulge under the lower side of the down tube, which commonly appears.


Dirt Disciple
Yes, I too suspect lens distortion at the edge of the phone lens. Tried a straight edge on top and bottom of top and down tubes, it's fine. Also no damage to forks, although obviously they could have been changed. Bottom bracket is Philips, with a replacement Japanese cup on LHS.


Dirt Disciple
Not sure if it's relevant, but I've just found SV.971 stamped at the outside top of the RHS fork leg. Does that correspond with any known frame builder/ make?


Retro Guru
That suggests it is made with Super Vitus 971 tubing.

Hard to link to a specific manufacturer, but French or Belgian seems likely.


Retro Guru
I may have missed a previous discussion about this frame, so please forgive me if this has been answered already, but do frame and forks belong together?

The reason I ask is Super Vitus 971 was introduced in 1971, and the frame looks a few years older than that to me.