My Specialized Epic Ultimate....


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An affectionate greeting to all, I present one of my projects completed a few months ago, time is always missing and that's why of my various Specialized Epic Ultimate, Epic, M2 projects to date I have only managed to complete this one.
I am very happy with the final result even if I have yet to find and then replace a couple of components such as a Paul derailleur instead of the XTR that I mounted .... but let's take time ...

Assembly description:

- Frame: Specialized Epic Ultimate (Carbon/Titanium) 1994,
- Size: 18 inch - weight 1.300 gr.
- Fork: Specialized Fsx whit 9 titanium screws and Titanium tube.
- Cable guide on bottom bracket: Specialized whit Poggipolini titanium screw.

- Headset: Chris King 1” whit titanium screw.
- Headset spacers: Chris King 1” Titanium
- Stem: Specialized Titanium with 4 titanium screws.
- Handlebar: Specialized ThermoPlastic.
- Grips: Grab On.
- Barends: Onza Titanium whit titanium screws.
- Shifters: Proshift whit Ati Grips.
- Brake Levers: F.R.O. by Castagnino whit titanium screws.
- Brakes: F.R.O. by Castagnino whit titanium hex nuts.
- Brake Booster: Odyssey Titanium whit titanium screws.
- Brake Pads: Ritchey Logic red
- Cantilever Cables: Specialized gray with purple anodized aluminum inserts.
- Bottle Cages: two Elite titanium whit Poggipolini titanium screws.
- Saddle: Sella Italia Flite Evolution (titanium/carbon).
- Seatpost: Syncros Titanium whit Poggipolini titanium screws.
- Seatpost Binder: Specialized S-Works Titanium and Diacompe guide.
- Front Derailleur: Shimano XTR m900 whit Poggipolini titanium screw.
- Real Derailleur: Paul Component whit titanium screws.
- Real Derailleur Roller: TEC ergal whit Poggipolini titanium screws.
- Derailleur Cables: Specialized gray with purple anodized aluminum inserts.
- Cassette: Titanium Action Tec (11-2:cool:.
- Chain: Shimano Dura Ace.
- Cranks: Cook Bros Titanium.
- Crank Bolts: Poggipolini Titanium.
- Chainrings: Titanium Action Tec.
- Chainrings Bolts: Poggipolini Titanium.
- Bottom Bracket: White Industries Titanium.
- Pedals: Grafton Speed Ti.
- Hub Skewers: Specialized S-Works Titanium.
- Complete Wheels: Spinergy Spox.
- Tubes: Vittoria Latex.
- Tyres: Ritchey Magabite Z-Max Kevlar

Total weight of the mtb: Kg. 8,980.

I like share this project of mine with all of you, I hope to read your positive comments .....


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Hi Luca,

A most collectable frame with a selection of impressive parts. :cool:
I know you still have some very nice bikes to show us ;)

Nice to see you here Luca.
Amazing built. What is the bottom bracket width ? 68 mm or 73 mm ? The FD diameter ? What is the spindle length that you have there to fix the CBR cranks.

Weight 8.90 kg... niceee... you probably can shed more with a lighter wheelset but Spinergy Spox is a nice match to the bike frame colours.
Hi, the mtb has been further improved, obviously from my point of view, I replaced the Spinergy spox with wheels assembled by myself, namely:

- NOS hubs, TNT titanium
- NOS rims, Campagnolo Atek
- NOS Union titanium spokes
- Front tyre NOS Specialized Umma Gumma Pro Control / S 26x1.80
- Rear tyre NOS Specialized Umma Gumma Cannibal / S 26x1.95.

The wheels weigh approximately 200g compared to the Spinergy Spox.

Bottom bracket length dimensions 128mm….


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