Mountain mayhem 2019 aftermath thread

Hey how’s it going Martin ? ….. impromptu midnight fireworks in June !! Nah you must have sampled too much Hootch, we were all tucked up in bed 🤣

Yeah I miss Mayhem - a safe space to act like a teenager and talk shit all weekend
Yeah I'm in a lot better place now Nick, thanks for asking. Still a long recovery ahead but I'm already planning next year's goal ( there's a possibility of another 24 hour race - it won't be Mayhem but at least I have something to look forward to). Hopefully won't break my ankle at that one 😆.

I'm hoping to come to Malverns next year so might see a few of you there fingers crossed.
Unfortunately the whole 12 and 24hr endurance racing has all gone down the swanny for some reason.

The Bontrager Twentyfour12 went the same way mainly due to the newer organisers not having a clue but the writing was on the wall in 2018/19 when you could see the competitor numbers falling every year. It was a massive event that had the codos of running the course over a lot of the Grundig world cup course.