For Sale Mountain Cycle Suspenders System II Elastomers Service Kits - Brand New Sets Available Now!


Senior Retro Guru
After having started with the complete MANITOU range and almost every elastomer-based ROCK SHOX in early 2022, I am constantly adding new elastomer-sets to my portfolio.

Brand new elastomer kits for Mountain Cycle "Suspenders System II" fork. Manufactured by myself in my own custom shop. I am happy to now finally specialize and focus on retro elastomer kits for front & rear suspensions such as Manitou, Rock Shox, Halson Design, FUNK, VOTEC, Tange, Scott, etc. Several kits and versions will follow. Different styles possible! Compression washers, legs, screws or other parts are not included - you will need to take the original hardware from your fork or simply replace them by normal hardware store items that guarantee the functionality of the fork.

Every elastomer (set) is available in 3 different firm-grades. Soft, standard and hard. Soft is only recommended for kids! The very best choice is the standard-kit (SHORE 60A). For riders between 70kg and 110kg.

All my elastomers are manufactured by hand and made in Germany!

These are (by far) the highest quality kits you can buy in Europe and 100% challenging the renown US counterpart! All European competitors are either more brittle, cut unprofessionally (with blades) with the markings still on each elastomer or show a significantly higher amount of bubbles in the material.

Mountain Cycle SUSPENDERS SYSTEM II specific sets (10x Elastomers) are 46,00 Euros (March 2024) + shipping. I do ship EU- and worldwide for 10,50 Euros tracked.

Feel free to ask any questions. I recommend PMs if you would like to gather further information or help with your project.


Picture note: fresh batch made! Tequila sunrise edition. Just for fun. Not cut to end-size yet :)

Suspenders System II 2 retro Suspension Fork Elastomers by Falko Schlötel Germany 01.jpeg

Suspenders System II 2 retro Suspension Fork Elastomers by Falko Schlötel Germany 02.jpeg

Suspenders Systen II elastomer set by Falko Schlötel Germany xx.jpg