Moser - Help needed identifying model and year


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Hi everyone, a newbie to the forum here.

I've just bought this classic Francesco Moser and need a bit of help identifying the model and year.

From a few clues that I've gleaned from comparing it to Googled pictures, I'm assuming it's mid-80s but I can't find anything exactly like it online, and I'm not expert enough to know where to find out what specific year (or group of years) it might have been manufactured.

I couldn't find any serial numbers except the number 54 and the letters MB next to the bottom bracket shell cutout / drain hole. I don't know if it's that there is no serial number, or that I'm looking in the wrong place.

Secondly, the paintwork suffers from a bit of wear and tear, and there are no badges or decals, but I'd like to eventually renovate it correctly and purchase the model-specific decorations (if there were indeed any in the first place) and make sure all the components are era-appropriate. If anyone can advise me what decals or badges are appropriate and where I can purchase them, I'd be grateful.

I've included images of the areas of the bike I think are relevant, but if you need me to "zoom in" on a specific area, I can take some more pictures.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Portacatena rear dropout is late 70's to mid 80's. The braze on front mech and cable guides make it mid 80's. Ofmega Mistral also is mid 80's wild stab in the dark is mid 80's :D



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Thanks very much for your help so far Shaun. :D

A bit more information: the brakes are "Exage Motion" and the headset is "Tange Falcon".


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The F.Moser bike that seems closest to mine on eBay may be the Columbus if I'm not mistaken. The ones I've seen seem to be very different in colour scheme to my one though, and all seem to have decals on the seat tube and the down tube as well as on the head tube. So I'll probably use those as a guide.

Somebody from the US sent me this link to a catalogue (, but it doesn't seem to be working at present.

Does anyone have another working link to a catalogue?