Modern fork made to look like a retro fork.....


Retro Guru
As title really, I'm contemplating painting and re-stickering one of my modern forks to look like a more retro one.

Has anyone done this? And if so, would you mind adding some photos so I can see what has been done?

Thanks in advance, Mike
Did this last year:

Nice, that's the sort of thing i meant.
I like on the second one how you've added "ZEB" into the lower graphic 👌🏼
I was thinking of turning my 22 Yari with PUSH ACS3 and HC97 into a 1998 SID lookalike.

Use the same style upper Rock Shox graphics like you've used above and somehow incorporating the PUSH Industries logo into the lower sticker in some form?
That would be easy enough to do - Filip Badura over in Poland did the Zeb decals and sized them to match the bigger legs with the amended name, plus the Santa Cruz Tazmon and Mavic 121 decals too.