Middleburn RS1 road crank question / issue


Retro Guru
For a project I am doing, I bought these Middleburn RS1 cranks. They were actually part of a road bike, that I purchased so I could get my hands on these cranks (silly, I know).

They have a 130mm road spider fitted. Seeing as these are early 1990's cranks, I am guessing they were meant to be used with a double chainring setup. What I don't understand is why there isn't a raised edge for the big ring on the front of the spider, like there is for the small one on the back. Could this be for a single chainring only? Do both chainrings go on the back?

By the way, I also contacted Middleburn on this. They were kind enough to inform me that 1. they aren't the same Middleburn that made these cranks and 2. they thought it was a track spider. I also managed to find an early product catalogue showing the road spider (and no track spider), so I doubt this is right: http://www.goatsurfer.com/assets/Middleburn_1996_Probably.pdf


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