Wanted Mavic 305 Headset & Cut 357 Extensions


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Hey all,

After a few Mavic parts for my Lotus rebuild -

Aware they're not in huge abundance, but you never know what's in a toolbox somewhere. The bike's scruffy enough, so as long as things work I'd be very happy.

Looking for:

- 840 rear derailleur - potential swap for a medium cage 841
- 610 bottom bracket
- 305 headset - must be complete with dust cover
- 357 extensions cut for bar end shifters - I have a very good complete hoop here I'd be happy to swap

- Equipe Pro Magnesium pedals in white & red

Huge thanks in advance for any leads!
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Hi bud.
I have a complete, but tatty, 305 headset made up of leftovers from various builds.
The crown race is cracked, but it still works perfectly.
Plastic bearing races are intact, as is the lower plastic cover.
I don’t have too upper rubber cover though.
If any good to you, private message me an address and I will post it to you for free.


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Cheers both!

Seems the forum's changed and I can no longer send PMs (a sound reminder to use the forum more!)

@MRGRUMPY - that's a great offer, thank you - I'm just waiting to hear back on another, but that's definitely of interest. I'll let you know asap.

@mdevineng - very interested in the 840, although not sure my pockets are deep enough for the NOS tag... what are you after? As for the BB, guesswork would say 116mm axle as it's a standard double, not sure how many widths they came in.

Little update on the want list, too - turns out I'm after some Time Equipe Pro Magnesium pedals, white body with red trim.



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I have these TIME ‘Racing Magnesium’ pedals...(?) if you’re interested...


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Cheers Nick, right pedals wrong colour unfortunately!

@MRGRUMPY, think I'll politely decline the headset if that's ok - really appreciate the offer, but I'm gonna try and hunt down something with the top cover, can't imagine they come up too frequently on their own...

Think I'm about sorted for parts, still after a BB but will measure up for that this weekend with any luck.

Thanks all,


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Little update having picked up some bits and pieces since the last time.

Still searching for:

Dead or alive Mavic 840 - I have a very good 841 here I'd be willing to swap, or would rebuild this into a short cage 840 should anyone have a scrap derailleur for spares
305 headset complete with dust cover
357 handlebar extension cut for bar end shifters. I've a good 357 hoop here I'd be happy to swap, seems a real shame to cut it up.

Thanks in advance,
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