Marzocchi Z4 2001 replace steerer tube


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Evening. I have just bought the above but may need a longer steerer tube.On the rear crown there are 2 allen bolts in the centre that look to clamp the tube.Is it as simple as undoing the allen bolts pulling the steerer out and replacing with a longer steerer tube? Things never seem that easy for me so I expect it is far more complicated.Thanks for reading Colin
If it has the pinch bolt crown it is that easy. The only real complication is a 1" steerer will have a separate shim you have to reuse. The steerer can be tight fitting, I've had to give a few taps with a soft mallet or block of wood.

I can't recall the bolt torque, but it's lower than you would think. Go very easy tightening them back up. I think that is one of the ways people crack the crown casting.
No shim for 1-1/8". For some reason they only made 1-1/8" crowns, so the 1" needed a shim to fit the larger hole.
Life can sometimes be simple. Should just be a case of loosening the 2 pinch bolts holding the steerer, pop it out and slot in a new one.

Some steerers are not compatible, so make sure the replacement is the right one.

Do you have one? Might be able to help if not
No I do not have one. I need a long one as arthritis in head and neck means I can no longer bend over much. Would like to see what you have and thank you for helping, Colin
If the steerer tube in the fork is long enough to work but you want to raise the bar significantly, then don't change the steerer, use one of these: Screenshot_20240529-081022_Firefox.jpg
this replaces the stem, which then mounts on the top end.
I've even seen 2 of these used together.

Your lbs will sell them👍
Some steerers are not compatible, so make sure the replacement is the right one.
RST steerer also fit bombers. And you can usually pick up an old RST fork off ebay for a few quid. Its a cheaper route into finding a replacement.
Just make sure you look at all the pictures as not every RST fork has the split crown and removable steerer, but its the same system as the bomber so you can easily tell.

Just remember. When you fit a different steerer. DO NOT grease it :LOL: in fact a liberal application of threadlock or some such adhesive would probably make for a safer interface.