Marin Pine Mountain 1992

marc two tone

Retrobike Rider
Marin painted them, flourescent everywhere then, black over the top. A bit too thinly as any 1992 hunter of these bikes will tell you.
I would powder coat flouro orange then sort the black yourself, unless the coasters can offer the job with stop/start colour changes, often they cannot.
It's a tough paint job to get right. I can see why it was a one-year effort.


Dirt Disciple
I little more refinement with some scotchbrite, 2K primer on order, lets hope all the hard prep work will not be ruined by my, at best, adequate painting skills, wet and dry paper on order as well.



Dirt Disciple
Woohoo!! Etch primer just done,lovely calm day so just did it in the garden (true diy style)
Used a Halfords etch primer, then going on with a 2K primer followed by a Montana top coat and finally a 2K clear. Not sure on colours yet, I have a old bar that I am going to test some on so watch this space.
Got decals from Gil which I am going to use a positive mask so I can ensure exact colour match.

Also mounted the tyres, not much of this build are new parts, but these tyres and the XT quick releases are.


Orange 🍊 Fan
Good to see your progress with this and you're going for a garden respray! - I did much the same with my Pine Mountain here....

....and it went on to win a botm which I was dead chuffed with considering I'd painted it in the garden also.

A few pointers with the neon orange...
I'd experimented with a few rattle cans to get the brighter neon orange. Brocklanders023 previously mentions that the eldridge of the same year is much nearer to red whereas the Pine mountain is very orange!
I also used a white primer/ build coat as it 'lightens' the orange. I found grey made it much darker.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing how you progress.



Old School Hero
looking great..i used to paint a pine mountain...their neon orange was terrible almost pinky/ ended up using Meise Orange which is a bit of a light burnt orange...looks pretty good.
the paint is amazing...did mine around a year ago and still looking great...maybe a few tiny chips from launching it of a mountain.IMG_20210525_102601.jpg


Dirt Disciple
Nice job beeewu, I like the color co-ordinated bottle cage 😎 mine originally had the orange back end but I think I am leaning towards this colourway, looking back archive catalogs they appear to have offered this in 1992