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Hello. Can someone help me with some information and advice please.
I bought my Marin pre owned from JE James Cycles at Rotherham, UK around 1993, I believe I paid around £350 for it.
I used it for a couple of years before hanging it in the garage (due to new family & work commitments) where it stayed until now, which is a shame because its a nice bike. I believe it's all original (except for the tyres), the frame is straight without rust and the paint work is quite good.
Obviously it could do with some TLC and a service, the seat is torn and the handlebar ends are scratched.
Can anyone tell me a little more about my cycle?
What year was it made, is it a standard model / colour, etc. What numbers were sold, is it collectable?
As it stands what is it worth. Should I look to have it restored or is it quite common & unloved?

Frame - 19" Tange Cr-Mo Butted Tubing, Rockstar Forks.
Headset - Ritchey Logic.
Seatpost, Saddle, & Handlebars - Marin Lite.
Crankset, Gears & Brakes - Shimano Deore LX.

Many thanks for reading this, Mike
Wakefield, West Yorkshire


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That's a 1994 model. The 1994 catalogue is here: ... alogue.pdf. That will tell you much of what you want to know: position in the hierarchy, etc. Is it rare? Not especially. Is it collectible? Not especially but Marins are popular (far, far from unloved) and one in good condition, such as yours, would attract buyers. You might get around £200 for it.

Basically, although it's not rare, it's a good quality bike that should give years of enjoyment if treated well. Service it and enjoy.


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Hi Retro Guru
Many thanks for your prompt & knowledgable reply.
You've helped me make up my mind as to what to do.... Rather than it remain hanging in the garage for ever I'm going to sell it on.
A new owner will give it the TLC it deserves.
Cheers, Mike

marc two tone

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Its largely original except front tyres ( you know any road) sestpost quick release has been swapped for an x lite anti-theft jobby.

If you sell and post, halfords in wakey are usually glad to give you a box free.