Manitou Lamp… attempt 1


GT Fan
Got a few sets of cranky Manitous in the garage I’ve been planing to make into a pair of table lamps. 3D printed a base that uses the forks inherent ability to stand upright plus a QR skewer to keep it all in place. Then had the “genius” idea of using LED strips around the steerer tube instead of a bulb. Keeps it low voltage and they can be controlled / coloured by remote. All I needed to do was add a suitable kitsch 1960’s frilly shade.

However, this will have to be called prototype 1 as just hit a snag. If you turn the LEDs off using the switch I wired in, next time you switch it on, it resets the LEDs to their default flashing/demo mode. Booo! If you use the remote to turn them on/off, they remember the last colour, but what psychopath uses a remote to turn on a lamp.

I suspect the plan is now to remove the LED strip, rewire it and use a standard (warm white) LED bulb.

Anyhoo, thought I’d share the prototype.

IMG_1805.jpeg IMG_1806.jpeg IMG_1809.jpeg IMG_1810.jpeg IMG_1798.jpeg IMG_1808.jpeg