Sold magura hs33 blue trade for v type brakes


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looking to trade these magura hs33 for a nice set of v,brakes willing to add a little cash if needed
the maguras are a very tidy set fully working as they should with good pads
they have had a few small touch ups but far from most of the battered ones you see for sale
i also have both braces one matt black to suit my build one still in blue and they also include the quick release bars with mounts i just didnt use them on my build

im looking for a nice set of v,brakes let me know if you have anything cheers :) 20220225_182650.jpg 20220225_182715.jpg 20220225_182747.jpg 20220225_182751.jpg
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What sort of v brakes are you looking at? Assume brakes and levers are what you are after?
I'll have a look tomorrow if I'm well enough (bad cold at the moment, slept most of the day). I've a few sets of Vs, will need to check lever status.
I’d be interested in just the quick release clamps for them and the Matt black brace ? Assuming compatible with HS22 which I think they are.

pics ?