Lysander For Sale Stuff- Project 2's added


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Right, here's my For Sale thread, all good quality, none o 'yer shoddy tat, Missus!!
Offers welcome for the Shiny Geegaws :p


Kona Project 2 Forks £35 posted
Usual few chips, but no scrape/scores/dings
One-and-one-eighth steerer, 160mm long (from a small frame fire mountain).
42cm axle-to-crown.
Date marked on steerer 1996 manufacture.
Will be posted in authentic Chain Reaction box, and for that added CRC experience, your credit card will be debited for dodgy 02 topups three weeks later..... :p


Gripshift MRX Comp £18 posted
3spd front, 8spd rear- hardly any use, with cables.


Gripshift SRT500 8sp-Naked £6 posted
No rubber cover on grips, hence price- great for a cheap 8speed setup- I dare say ye could cut some grips to bodge them


Santa Cruz Brake Bosses £10 posted
M11 possibly, or more likely imperial 6/16 inch, or even 10 x 1.25??........anyway, funny size and getting impossibe to find- these are off my Bullit frame, which was resprayed with them in (not by me, I hasten to add)- I'll give them a good clean up afore I send them.


8sp chain, Five Earth Pounds posted
Nowt fancy. It's a bike chain :p


Proflex Stem £8 posted
One and One-Eighth diameter, 125 mm long


Push Seatpost £6 posted, or swap fer a 31.6mm post
27.2mm diameter, 240mm long

Dibs followed by PM, payment by PayChum or Bank Transfer, Postal Order, Cheque, half-sooked sweeties and three copies of The Beezer, etc.........Any extry info ye want, post or PM me.

Previously on "Buy My Old Tat":
Fournales disc adapter £30 posted SOLD
Enables ye to use disc brakes with Look Fournales forks, CNC funkiness!!
LX Mavic UB Wheels with Q/Rs £40 posted SOLD
Good solid wheels, LX transfer missing from front- in actual fact, I dinnae think this M-number had one, rear Q/R is minus a spring and is slightly bent (I've tried to show it in the pic)
Answer Hyperlite Cardon Fibre Bars- 585mm width, light as feck!! £35 posted SOLD
Usual marks from stem and controls......did I mention they was light as feck??
Manitou Six Comp forks, 190mm steerer, 80-10mm travel £30 posted SOLD
Got these on a frame I bought, never actually used them.
M-739 XT STI 8sp Br/Shifters £25 posted SOOOOLLLDDDDD
Missing cover for cable insert bit on r/h, screw on indicator fixing (I'll see if I can hunt out one to fit)
Endura Coolmax Bib Shorts, new with tags, £25 posted SOLD
Never used, tried on once- too big for me....size L, and they are indeed- I'd say a 36-38 waist.
Deore Cable Disc Caliper plus mounty bolty stuff £10 posted SOLD
This was on a Proflex XP-X I bought, never used it myself.
Saddle Rail Cage holder £5 posted SOLD
Fits to saddle rail, lets ye have a bottle cage behind yer bumm......good for carrying extry agua!
Selle San Marco saddle £10 posted SOLD
Good basic saddle, ok condition.
UN54-BB-with-bolts £10 posted SOLD
Fitted to a bike, never ridden (needed a longer axle :oops:) The colouring on threads is copper slip, not dirt!! :p
Selle Italia Flite- Original, 1991 manufacture.
Original Flite, red logo, good nick, slight scuffs and marks with use- £38 SOLD
The Daddy. :cool:
SRAM Attack Gripshift £22 posted
XT equivalent, 3spd front, 9spd rear, hardly any use, with cables.
I'm keepin' them!!
SRAM Grips £5 posted
110mm, very good nick, hardly used
And these too!.
Hope rear Q/R skewer £8 posted SOLD
Some wee scrapes on edges with use.
Onza Ules grips £5 posted SOLD
These are the reissue Ules- on card with end plugs
M739 XT V-Levers £20 posted SOLD
Odd tiny scrapes on paint, but no scratches on bracket and levers.
Full Set XT V-Brakes £40 posted SOLD
Very good nick, pads almost new.
11-30t 8sp Cassette £15 posted SOLD
XT quality, methinks, nice and shiny!
LX M751Front Mech £7 posted SOLD
Used, but solid!
XT M739 Rear Mech £20 posted SOLD
Some scrapes and scuffs, but doesn't affect it working.
11-28t 8sp Cassette £10 posted SOLD
LX quality, methinks, good and solid
LOOK Founales Fork £180 posted SOLD
Carbon fibre legs, Fournales air shock and sexayy CNC'd linkage- lightest fork ye'll find.
80mm travel, size L (@180mm headtube+headset+spacers)- these are increasingly hard to find in this size.
Impress your friends! Astound your enemies! Women will swoon and strong men weep when they see these on your bike.
M960 XTR front Mech £35 posted SOLD
Top Swing Dual Pull- 31.9mm, shim for 28.6, all in a nice box for ye!
Very good nick, some scuffing on inner plate from use, but no scratches/scrapes on outer.
Blackburn Silver bottle cage £5 posted
Found a use for it!!
Shimano XT FD-M771 Front Mech £16.50 posted SOLD
Dual Pull, conventional high clamp (34.9mm) stylee- scuffs on inner plate from chain, but no scores/scrapes on outer

Mavic UB rims with WTB front hub, FH-R080 LX rear £50 posted SOLD
Good quality wheels, a bit tatty, but run fine.
Easton Monkeylites
Easton Monkeylite XC carbon fibre riser bars £45 posted SOLD
Very good nick, slight scraped bits on the Easton logo, and lighter than Lionel Blair's arches!! 25.4mm standard diameter Note they are 600mm wide

Shimano MT-60 (Deore DX) chainset
Swap 170mm for 175mm drive side, or at a push swap 175mm non drive for 170mm.
110mm BCD 5-arm


Also racing-snakey type Road stuff in the Road for sale section.......


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Endura bibs - never used you say, and yet they seem to be getting up walking off by themselves like my mum always warned me my stuff would...

Either that or I'm too late and the invisible man's already taken them :shock:

If not, might I give you £20 for them? Used but crisp notes, disguised as acorns, left in the hollowed out oak tree for the mysterious man in the trilby & squirrel suit to recover surreptitiously, as is usual?
Or PP gift if you like.

Hmm, bit more sleep needed I think - PM me a payment addy if you like & I'll throw money at it next time I wake up :cool:

(have swaps too, if you need owt, not that you seem short of random bits!)


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elPedro666":3eg1m9sa said:
Endura bibs - never used you say, and yet they seem to be getting up walking off by themselves like my mum always warned me my stuff would...

..........might I give you £20 for them?

Aye, go on but-yer-twisten-me-arm-and-I'm-cuttin-me-own-throat-guv-cor-lumme-undahneef-thee-aaaahhchezzz..........

PM for ye