LX M565 hub compatibility?


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I have a rear wheel from a 1998 bike with an M565 LX hub. Currently fitted with an STX RC 11-28 8 sp cassette.

I'd like to use it to build a 1x setup, but can't find much info on compatibility with 10x/11x cassettes? Will the freehub take a deore m6000 or SLX cassette?



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I think 10sp is ok, I think I have tried this on hubs which were originally 9 speed. If I get time ill try later as I have some hubs and 10sp cassette spare. I think 11sp needs a wider freehub, mavic hubs had a spacer (by accident) so when 11sp became a thing, you just dropped the spacer.

My memory isn't too clear but that's how I remember it.


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There are some 11-12 speed casettes compatible with shimano hubs all starts with 11 teeth and can be even 52teeth. Bolany, Ztto etc made thos type of casettes. The casette is close to the spokes, that is why you can put in a 9-10 speed hub a 12 speed cassette