Wanted Looking for a cyclocross/tourer frame L/XL


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Looking for a cyclocross or touring frame that can fit 700c wheels and wider clearance is preferred. Will also consider complete or partially built bikes.

Must fit for a 186 cm rider.

Needs to have mounts for cantilever brakes.

Thanks! :cool:


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Still looking? I have in my loft a Harry Hall 24in Gran Routier frame which I purchased brand new about 20 years ago and never used. It's for 700c, cantilever bosses,531db and forks,headset fitted,Campag horizontal ends,black enamel. If interested discuss rodgoodfellow@gmail.com.Located west Blackburn,Lancs.


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Re: Tourer

Have Specialized Tri Cross, 58cm. It has cantilever mounts, pannier rack mounts on seat stays and mudguard eyes.
Will include cantilevers and have enough to almost build a complete touring bike.


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Bump. Haven't had luck finding anything so far. Checked the EU market and there seem to be a lot of potential models:

Koga Miyata Gents Touring, Terraliner etc - there are many canti models
Giant Squadron, Custom
Univega Via Carisma, Via Montega
Panasonic CB4000
Raleigh Pioneer Trail (although I don't know the frame material)

Honestly, anything that has a frame made out of decent steel that's not hi-ten will do :)
The wider tires the frame fits, the better.

Measured myself up and the frame size must be around 58-60. My inseam is a little bit more than 49% of my overall length.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the seller should be willing to ship the frame (if in UK, then locally).