For Sale Look KG241 frameset - 53cm tt, 49cm st. - SOLD


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Now sold, thanks.

Small Look KG241 frameset, actual measurements are TT 53cm c-c. ST 49cm c-c, 51.5cm c-t. Headtube 9cm and with approx 55mm of steerer to play with.

Frame is in good condition overall, quite a few small scratches and marks but they are cosmetic only, joints all look excellent and the paintwork is nice and vibrant. Original Look forks with 1" unthreaded steerer tube. Headset is complete, needle bearing stronglight but bearings will most likely need replacing if they are available.

I have the wedge that goes inside the frame for the seat post clamp, but no other bits for it. Looking on ebay, there are listings for clamp bolts for other Look models which show the wedge + a bolt and washer, so they might be the only other bits you need, never got to the bottom of this one. Also have the downtube cable adjusters and bottom bracket cable guide.

Price is £100 pick up only from Solihull B92. - SOLD

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The wedge is shown in the last picture. It fits in the hole in the seat cluster once the seat post is fitted, and tightens up against the post using a bolt from the other side. That's how I gather it works, I have never had a seat post of the right size to try it.


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Yes that looks like what would be needed. The bolt and washer would be easy to source but the wedge with the concave section probably not so easy, and that price on amazon is a joke. Someone on here may have a spare.


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I've got a seat bolt wedge you can have. My kg381 is beyond it's best and i decided to retire it but the wedge should fit your frame. PM me your address and i can send it to you.