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Now it’s starting to look like a bike I thought it was about time I did more than lurk here and show you my ’94 Litespeed Catalyst.

The frame came with Ahead compatible carbon forks but I’m using as many parts from the shed as possible - and putting this together has reaffirmed my preference for the look of a traditional fork/stem. It’s a personal thing, but I also love the chrome/titanium combo! This bar assembly is straight from the shed so I can get set up and do a few miles before sorting the final aesthetics.
According to all the theory, the frame is too small for me but I wanted a shorter top tube - it'll be interesting to see what the ride is like!
If you’ve got time on your hands, I’m recording a blow-by-blow account of the build on Instagram.
(It’s a slow build as the roads around here this time of year are better suited to a gravel bike!)


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CC Rider

Dirt Disciple
I've finished!! I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and even more pleased with the ride - the wait was well worth it :)
If anyone can help identify the forks that would be great - link to my other post here.
Here are a few detail shots from the build ...