Daccordi forks?

CC Rider

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Can anyone help me identify these forks please? Unfortunately I built them up before taking pictures!
They have Daccordi drop outs - does that make them Daccordi or their drop outs only? The shoulders slope and there are no other markings, lugs, bosses, eyelets, etc. They are probably early/mid nineties but could be earlier.
Any ideas on make/model? Thank you.

Apple Tree

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I doubt Daccordi would alow their drop outs to be used on any thing else other than a Daccordi. The forks look Daccordi style. What about the frame ?

CC Rider

Dirt Disciple
Interesting that Daccordi may not let anyone else use their dropouts - a good start, thank you.
The frame and forks are not a matched 'pair'; I've put them together to build up the bike.
The forks have been kicking around the garage for over 20 years and were passed on as 'no longer wanted' in the 10 years or so previous to that - I've no idea how old they were then. The people involved were heavily into amateur time trialling so the forks may have been surplus to requirements following an upgrade.
I've surfed Google for pictures and the only one I've found that looks to be the same was an old Australian eBay advert that dated them as '70s-80s. Sadly I can't view the original listing for better images/more detail.