Kona Titanium Serial Number List - update 10/04/24

I did a rub with some soft graphite and am still not convinced either way. Would you like me to photograph that for you for your records? I need to get my bike stand and tripod out and do some macro photos then look in photoshop. Do you have stamping examples of the "8" and "9" from the factory around 1991 to 1992?

Is it possible #263 is a mid-year 1991/1992? A transitional number? I read through what was saved of the prior posts with Pip on serial numbers and there is no mention of transition numbers and seems more like numbers were used as frames were made during whatever calendar year/day.

In the catalogs, 18" Hei Hei's were offered in 1991 and 1992. Whether they were made, is beyond my pay grade. Surely there is something I can physically measure on the frame to dismiss assumptions? Any other physical attributes I can photograph?

Thanks for the help!
The usual seat-tube measurements would be helpful, and the rubbings. As you say, sequencing wasn't a thing then, but based on the evidence we have so far, 263 seems very high for a '91.
Center of BB to tippy top seat tube where the seat post slides into: 483 mm: 19.01 inches

Center of bottom of BB to tippy top seat tube where the seat post slides into: 520 mm: 20.5 inches