Kona Titanium Serial Number List - update 08/05/24

Here is one pic of the frame as received; maybe someone can tell me for sure if those decals were original to 1996 Hei Hei. Second pic shows why I picked it up cheap; serious chain-suck damage to right chainstay. Yes, that appears to be a 1/4" crack, or cut, clear thru the chainstay in the middle of the dent. Previous owner had checked with several bike shops; most told him to ride it as it is, one told him he should have it repaired. After finding no competent titanium welder in my local area, I decided to repair the damaged area with Original J-B Weld. I don't plan on rough riding or jumping, just normal roads and maybe a trail once in a while, and this area appears to be about the lowest stress area on the frame, so I'm reasonably confident it will not be a problem. Time will tell if my reasoning is sound.
Thanks for sharing this and I've added it to the list:

B18461 - Top Tube: 1996 style front & rear Stops for Rear Brake Cable, no Decals.

The decals were not original so no big loss.
Spotted by @romanrinos another original, rare orange head-tube beauty and in a big size too. Could this have been an ex-team bike? There's a chance it could have been...



KK20040 - Orange painted Headtube, Orange Go Faster Decals.
Big up @swannymere who captured the SN on this 1996 HH-KK, with all of it's original decals intact. It wouldn't take much to get it back into shredding-mode.




B18425-64 - Short Seat Tube extension, Original Blue Decals.
I’m new here, Hello from Canada!
A few years ago I was gifted this Kona Hei Hei from an older friend of mine who was losing his eyesight and didn't ride it anymore. I have ridden it as is occasionally in the last couple years.

It is still the original build. ‘96 I think
Blue & grey decals
Was purchased in Canmore Alberta

SID sl fork
XTR derailleurs & brakes
XT cranks
Crank bro blue eggbeater pedals
Mavic rims & Hugi hubs

I’m thinking of changing it over to a surly corner bar & maybe a rigid fork, or service the SID sl. Turn it into a rad gravel drop bar commuter that can hit the trails after work.
I'll take some more pics to add to this post after I clean it up. IMG_3501.jpeg

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