Wanted Kona Project 2 fork for 19" 1995 Cinder Cone


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They do come up for sale but prices are all over. Maybe budget for a repaint and decals too. I just looked on eBay..there’s a couple of pairs and both need work. Steerer length, headset stack height.. it’s all a dark art as I just found. I’m in the process of rebuilding a lava dome with p2’s. Thought I’d done my calculations correctly, picked up a nice aluminium head set in black… inserted cups, bearings etc offered up the forks but realised there wasn’t enough length to secure the top locking nut. I guess my math was off calculating the stack height 🤨 I resorted to fitting an impact headset.
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Yes! Also, I sure regret letting the shop take my original manitou threes and headset when they put this rigid fork on. It was several years ago and at the time I was told there was no way to get replacement parts. Now I know that the headset could be key to 163 mm threaded steerer fitting. Plus seems that there are replacement kits now for those old shocks! someone made out well....

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