Kona Explosif 1994 value?


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I'm not at home so can't take any fresh pics right now, but I have a 1994 Kona Explosif project that I haven't really worked at in more than a year, so should probably looking at moving it on. All original apart from pedals, shifters (replaced with Deore DX), seatpost, and grips, and the suspension fork has been replaced with a pair of vintage Kona P2. Here's the original thread from when I first bought it, apart from what's been detailed above the bike and components have been cleaned thoroughly. Still no new cables though.

What would be a reasonable price if I were to sell it as a close-to-completion project?


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Seat post unstuck now?
It's unstuck, sodium hydroxide down the inside did the trick!

Hate to say probs around 4-500 easy (hate to say 'cause I want to say £50 tops :D)
@ThomasElliott Just seen yr avatar. As a Burnley fan I'm saying you should pay me a tenner to take it away :p :D
If anything, you've just talked your way into a sales tax! Seriously though, thanks, that's good to know. I'm not in the U.K and probably won't be able to get that kind of money here, but at least a few hundred quid wouldn't be unreasonable then.


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I’m biased here as I have the same bike and from your photos I think you might get more than £400.
That Tange Prestige frame is pretty special, and you cannot find anything except custom hand made that will ride like that today.
The Bontrager Titec handlebars alone are fetching big money on EBay. XT M737 rear mechs are pretty hard to find too.
I’ve just put a SRAM 8 speed cassette, new chain, and TA Specialites 42 and 32 chainrings on and mine is running perfect. I’m so glad I never sold it when I stopped XC racing late 90s.