KLEIN Attitude MC1 Flare


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Hello; though I am new to this forum I hoping to get in touch with the right guys who appreciate my offer. I want to offer for sale my
1992 KLEIN Attitude size M/19" in the outstanding, candy like "Flare" paint job in like new and immaculate condition.
Without any doubt to my eyes underestimated among the KLEIN paint jobs.
The fuselage is absolutely original and in like new condition in every way since it was used not more than 20 miles and stored since
by a swiss collector.
Here are the details:
the fuselage is immaculate, with no scratches, rust, chain-suck or any corrosion. No bleeching of the paint since it was stored in a dark and dried room;
The fork and the frame have matching numbers, of course.
It still shines like the first day; pictures I will post don`t really do justice to the condition since it remains still impossible to show the true beauty of
an original paint job-I guess KLEIN lovers know, what I am talking about.
This bike was ordered with, and still has the complete and original,like new complete Shimano XTR 900.
The only thing I changed was to add some NOS Scott Matthauser brake pads and original NOS and original NOS Grafton "FAT Fingers" .
As well I added NOS KLEIN instinct grips, to make the thing complete and matching.
The wheel set is completely new, made from NOS parts:
Campagnolo ATEK NOS rims with NOS White Industries Phantom TI Front and Rear hubs with a NOS Shimano XTR 900 11-28 cassette and
outstanding, brand new Ritchey Megabites Z´Max in grey.
Comes with time correct and, of course, original Syncros hardcore (uncut) and an 1998, brand new Flite Titanium.

I do have some more pictures ro show the condition but I see that there is a limit here; get me a PM in case you are interested.

Price: 3800€ od 2800 GBP plus shipping from Germany.

I am able to pack and ship properly and carefully packed to any destination.
Feel free to PM me and ask me questions; I am also open for personal contact, phone calls or, of course personal pick up.


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I can highly recommend the seller. :)

And I have bought a nice Yeti from the the same Swiss Collector where the seller got the Klein. The Swiss Collector has amazing stuff.


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Very nice Attitude, I love uncommon colors! really love it.
The Swiss collector is well known around ;-)


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Dolomite? Very nice but nothing rare. :)

Collector? This guy:



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the sad thing is obviously that hardly anybody knows the beauty of an original, non faded FLARE paint job; as I already remarked the pictures I took don`t even come close
to the true condition and colour- the fuselage shines in different shades of orange to a brilliant candy red and outperforms on a good day easily a Gator or moonrise paint
job- especially when already exposed to light.

Conde Pyruslav

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Don't get me wrong, this red bike looks stunning in pictures, so probably in reality it's even better. I just want that Klein in the 1989 December issue of that American magazine that came to my home in Northern Spain that Christmas. I've been wanting that bike since then, with the boxy fork and her three colors.