Klein Adroit Gator Linear Fade 1992 (Frame Only)


Devout Dirtbag
troje":3b5c0f8d said:
Isn’t that a bit steep for a repaint?

I suppose it depends on a couple of things.

1. How long will it take you to find a 1992 Adroit.
2. What condition the frame is in.
3. Will it need a repair.
4. The skill and cost that needs to go into the paint job.

All of that must reflect into the re-sale value.


Devout Dirtbag
Re: Re:

BlackCat":2d1se7bz said:
Very steep... but wow... Spectrum absolutely kill it...

Yes it looks good and it is just like mine.

They have some examples on their Facebook page.

Lookup Spectrum Paint & Powder Works.


Devout Dirtbag
Braggard":22tzfk8j said:
The gator fade fade seems quite heavy and dark by usual examples?

Yes, I don't think that they have got it spot on.

But it is still near enough and Gator never photos well.