Jamis Aurora - 2008ish


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I recently felt another pull to try using drop bars. Never really found a comfortable position with them before, probably owing to the size / reach of previous bike 'attempts'. I've been doing some fairly long off-road rides (40 - 50 miles) and feel like the slightly more aero form combined with more hand positions might help me get some longer rides in on mixed terrain.

So. Bought a Dawes Audax on a whim post-xmas, and I quickly realised that to make it fit me would mean at least some stem / bar changes. It was a lovely thing, and I didn't really want to mess with it. Also, could only take 28c tyres, and ran calipers rather than my preferred cantis. So, sold on ebay, to a lovely bloke, glad it went to a good home.

With the proceeds burning a hole in my pocket I looked around, and ended up buying this. It's been knocking around on marketplace and ebay for a bit so i made a cheeky offer. I figured it would be a decent fit, with plenty of adjustment and space for 35c tyres.

It's just a 520 frame (cro-mo) but combined with a decent wheelset and shimano 105 throughout (not original to the bike i dont think), it doesn't feel too heavy.

There are some tweaks to make (not least that saddle), but I was surprised to find that the position felt really quite natural immediately. So I'm hoping I'm going to make this comfy for some good runs out.

Intention is to mix canals, bike paths and quiet lanes, ideally some loaded tours in future when family allows.


Anyone had one before?

Cheers for reading, Joe
Changed the saddle to a Brooks Cambium (C15) and fettled it (wasn't shifting to the 'big ring', brakes pulling out of alignment, pads touching the tyres 😕).

Subsequently commuted to work


The bar position will probably need to come down a little but it feels pretty good.

Quite a lot of toe overlap, but that's partly due to the overly-long mudguard stays which I will trim down once I've put bigger tyres on it (and re-adjusted the mudguard clearance).

I need to get used to this type of geometry before I can really give it the beans (especially cornering at speed), not having had many road-orientated bikes before.

Small update.

Riding this daily, done about 400 miles so far.

Put some nice aluminium mudguards on it from Temple cycles.


Back wheel was pinging spokes - I've no idea why. So put a new back wheel on it. Plus some 32c gravelking tlc thingies. Nice tyres.

Did a 30 mile ride to Tatton Park today and the bike must have been hungry as it ate the rear mudguard, so that needs replacing now! In seriousness I'm not sure how that happened. Not running tight clearance or owt.


Swapped the Brooks for a charge spoon to see if it works better for me. And the front end (stem) still may be tweaked.

But generally, it's comfy and rides smooth and quick enough.