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A test ride with Penny Davidson's '93 NORBA DH winning Iron Horse FS Works ➡️


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- Melvin
Front page from a 1993 Iron Horse catalogue/calendar:


1993 Iron Horse FS Works specs

In fact this was the first or one of the first frames disigned specifically for the Downhill. Designed by Marzocchi. Built by Verlicchi, an Italian company known for motorsport products. Verlicchi also built the S-Bike.

Frame sold through various brands.

Page from a Sintesi catalogue showing their ti/bronze Bromont:


A derived frame for Haro with the Haro typical concave top tube:


- Melvin
Two pages from the 1995 Sintesi catalogue providing details on the Verlicchi frame:



Work on your Dutch with this 1994 Marzocchi catalogue ;) :


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The Verlicchi was designed, by Marzocchi, around this forks and damper unit.

- Melvin
More Verlicchi content

1994 Kona EFS:


Review Rudy Project Downhill, FIETS #5 1993 :


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Purple ano :cool:

Verlicchi also contributed to the early Carraro FS frames:


It is clear the swing is Verlicchi. Don't know whether the front triangle is Verlicchi made, but the article is mentioning Oria as the tubing manufacturer. With this frame Carraro choose to connect the the seattube with the toptube through an additional tube. Normally, with the more familiar Verlicchis, there was an additional tube located between the seattube and the downtube. Another remarkable feature with this Carraro frame is that there is another shock fitted.

- Melvin
An earlier post showed a 1995 DH3s in a Sintesi frame. Below a 1996 Marzocchi ad showing the XC700s and DH3s for that year:


The ad is saying the DH3s are available in green and red, though I do know the DH3s initially was only available in green.

- Melvin
Hi people,

More stuff.

The Sintesi Hantrax reviewed below was made by Verlicchi too. It was issued several years later and it was more cross country orientated. It isn't as legendary as its downhill brother, but according to the testcrew it is a good bike. The review is not only on the bike as a whole, the red Marzocchi DH3s and the early Formula Discs are reviewed seperately too.

Tiny detail: Review is in Dutch :oops:

O2 Bikers, June 1996

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