"Isn't modern bicycle technology absolutely wonderful?"😍

However, conversely 12spd is compatible between SRAM and Shimano which is a first. Quite handy as it means the X01 shifter I have paired with the XTR mech works perfectly.
Not that new, the missus DH bike has M739 mechs and some kind of SRAM shifters (not checked the model as I don't care for them!) that seem to play pretty well together & honestly (if begrudgingly) seem decentish quality too.
Sram made certain shifting components that were shimano compatible in that era, but their own kit (esp) had different cable pull.
I think the former had names and the latter numbers. You couldn't swap between the 2 types.
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Yikes, make a generic statement and have it pulled apart by everyone with the exceptions! I thought it was only old Sachs stuff that was compatible with Shimano, rather than the SRAM ESP stuff? I might be mis-remembering that though. SRAM did do Rocket (X7 equiv) and Attack (X9 equiv) RH 9spd trigger shifters which were specifically designed to be Shimano compatible, but none of their proper X-range stuff was. Aside from that 'blip' none of their proprietary 9/10/11spd ranges have been compatible with each other in the last twenty years, at least. You could just about make 10spd (perhaps it was 11spd) work with the addition of a spacer under the cable on the mech clamp, but that was definitely dubious in its effectiveness. Front mechs all worked across the two as IIRC they were always 1:1 (hence no LH Rocket/Attack), but again, I might be wrong on the ratio.
Hydraulic disc brakes for the bicycle - 50+ years old

SIS indexing - 40 years old

SPD - 34 years old

STI - 34 years old

Di2 - 15 years old (blimey!)

In the summer of 1995, I spent a shitload on Hope Hydraulics, they were great, thats gonna be 30 years ago next year.

...and I'm still catching my jeans on greasy chains

chains - same old crap

By now, there should have been a viable alternative to powering a bicycle, like smugness or narcissism, not greasy manky old chains
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Yikes, make a generic statement and have it pulled apart by everyone with the exceptions!
Wasn't my intention to rip your statement a new one! :eek: Just something that I remembered, it probably is one of the "compatibles" so not just happenstance/good luck like your example.

@legrandefromage I'm still trying to patent my "Heinz" propulsion system, although emissions could be a factor if taken up en masse
Who gives a flying fucketty **** about when exactly di2 was made available to the public. Was it available to all in 2001? No.

So all you take from the thread is that, not the fact that so called technology is warmed over time and time again in order for someone to make their shareholders happy


Same old crap
You gave the dates so I guess they are important, anyone could buy Di2 if you wanted it on a commuter, casual bike (Nexave, where lots of bike tech starts out) and also computer controlled suspension, this computer suspension is now the next big thing again, but now theyve added a new catchphrase AI.

The world is going to pot when you can't correct a simple date someone has posted.

It should be just even more blimey!
Which is what I took from it.