"Isn't modern bicycle technology absolutely wonderful?"😍

The modern big carbon mtb goes up a hill in the back of a land rover.

I have stitched these two topics back together see.😉

Lots of people end up way over biked and so the climbs become a slog and the descents not much better - so many uplifts have enduro bikes on them these days, usually more than DH bikes! I'll admit that at 38lb my Megatower is a pig on the climbs, it's got ultra soft Conti DH tyres, a coil shock, 180mm front and back, DH brakes, Cushcore inserts etc, but the way I look at it is that it's a bike that descends like a DH bike on the trails I like to ride, and yet can still be ridden to the top. It's crap for a general trail ride though, way too heavy and sluggish. But when I want to I can still do 70km/3500m days on it when I'm fit. Of course for the days where I don't need that sort of rock eating capability I have other bikes that are much more fun for that purpose. When you're at some of the busier places it's funny to see just how many people are riding around on full fat enduro bikes when they're barely riding at beginner speed. This isn't a dig at their skills, more at the media and society that has made them buy into something that actually hampers their experience by being too heavy and sluggish for what they're trying to achieve.

Also, good skills ;)

Personally I drive to places I ride because there's nothing round here I want to ride, either off road (too flat) or on road (too busy, sod that). And half the time I enjoy the drive down the country lanes as much as I enjoy the riding. I don't think that has anything to do with the weight of the bike though given my road bike that's half the weight gets thrown in in just the same way. Maybe it's with a little less effort, I'll grant you that...
Oh gawd, heaven forbid you stray from the exact topic allowed by the thread title
Or, use a metaphor or indirect comparison in order to illustrate a point. I hope the Porsches and the little Dodge made my point that it's really all down to preference, either modern or retro MTB are far more competent than what is required. All the Land Rover chat simply emphasizes the nostalgic charm which is the thing that brings us to RetroBike.
I thought the modern wonderful bikes put the engine in the bike, so you can get this modern wonderful technology up a hill without a bumming car.
That's why it's so wonderful.

(even if it costs as much as a car)
Lapping around Grammercombe in the slop last month, my mind drifted off to how good this bike is, which, believe it or not is on topic for this thread! Back in the day, riding in the conditions I was, things would start to go wrong pretty quickly, be it the components, staying upright or both.


Two specifics shone through:

- Tyre compound/design. Absolutely spot on. Huge grip without intolerable drag or impact to rolling speed. Supple and tacky.
- Gear range. Maybe it's just cause it's a 29er but 1*12 works really well. It's progressive and doesn't have any nasty jarring differences.

There's loads more to love but that'll do for now.

More broadly and it can certainly be a negative, but the sheer range of bikes for riding styles and customisation within those bikes, is amazing. With a bit of time and effort you can create the bike that's right for you, down to the nut or bolt. That's pretty incredible when we look at what we used to have.
Internal routed cable through headset, marvelous.
Press fit BBs in miss aligned frames, the joy.
Proprietary parts, especially when discontinued, wonderful.
Everything carbon fibre thats not made particularly well, perfect.
Bike fashion for suckers, suits you. : )
Doesn't suit me.
Today inner chainring job. .
£15 part
Fsa 5 arm 80 pcd 32t 8speed
Tempting to buy 10 or more, innit.
Just need to tell the customer it'll be with us in 254 days.
Found one retail in Germany🙄
How do I charge for the hour sourcing the part🤔