Is this headset and fork shot?


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The headset on my Peugeot commuter road bike has been come loose for years now and I usually tighten it up by hand. Even when I lock the top nut down with a. Spanner it still comes loose.

It looks like the top of the steerer tubes has been breaking away, probably due to being loose?

Is this headset missing anything to keep it locked or is the issue from the chipped steerer threads.

Does anyone have a fork I could buy and a sealed headset for this?



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The threads don't look too bad, but whoever cut them was having a bad day.... is the lockring bottoming out on the steerer before tightening everything? All that grease on them won't help keep them tight either
But more worrying than the threads is the huge irregular gap between top cup and frame...


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Badly fitted press fitted top bearing cup I’d say & may need to remove that & get the tube faced off squarely then refitted to try & see if it squares up everything & then should not come loose… 🤔

That’s dreadfully cut forks….🤭


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You might be able to save that with a new headset. Get one with a very low stack and it should allow you to take a couple of mm off the top of the steerer and cut it square again.

I think one of the Tange headsets is pretty much the lowest stack you can get. I can’t remember exactly which one, maybe the Levin?

Obviously clean it all up and check the head tube is square at the ends etc.


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I can't imagine the frame left the factory with the head tube face not perpendicular to the tube. This suggests someone has tried to file it diy and bodged it or the top cup isn't set securely.

I would take everything apart and have a good look before making a decision or buying anything

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