Is it too much purple?

This is a rare case where the eBay AI description is actually quite accurate: "an eye-catching addition to your collection". Of course being eye-catching is not always a good thing...
It's a good thing when riding near automobile traffic.

I agree that it's too much purple, but a little more orange, a little less purple (saddle, pedals, bottle cage, and yes, chainring bolts) would look good IMO.

I really like these types of 2-tone color schemes. 3-tone color is also cool, but much more than that and it starts to look like a clown bike.

Monochrome bikes (all green, all red, etc.) are cool too, but, unless they're all-black, they can be a bit unsettling, and I think that if you ride a monochrome bike, you'd better have some mad cycling skills to justify such an attention-grabbing color scheme (think Hans Rey or Viola Brand).
Is basketballs in pots a thing??
And yes, if he’d left the purple at the crank bolts he might’ve got away with it

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