Is a diamonback sorrento frameset worth building?

Is a mid 90s diamondback sorrento frame worth building?

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i would, its still going to be a retro mountain bike that you can have lots of fun on. just because its not one of the big names in retro bikes doesnt mean you can't build it up to how you want it.

love to see how you get on with the build if you do decide to go ahead with it.
I'd say depends on the condition. If it still has very nice paint and stickers in good shape, then it might be worth building, especially if you have a use for it.
If scruffy, maybe find something else - unless you're particularly sold on Diamondbacks or it has sentimental value.
Most frames have something to offer, except the really low grade BSO's. The Sorrento is a decent consumer tier MTB, you can have a lot of fun building it up, these 90s MTBs are so versatile you can take them in almost any direction.

If you're looking to restore it to catalog spec then you're probably going to spend a lot more on the project than the finished bike will end up being worth, although the journey is always fun and it's both a satisfying and educational experience.

Otherwise just get it built up how you want and then ride the shit out of it.
I've made a thread In readers bikes with some pictures to start


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