i have a what should i do with the frames/groupsets question


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well it's more to confirm that i'm doing the right thing issue.

so over the years i've had a few road bikes, i got to the point where instead of buying new bikes i would buy a new frame and move the groupset to the new frame. as things went on i lost interest in riding road, more because drivers simply got terrible around here.

so i got to the point where some of my groupsets were older than the frames, effectively meaning they were sort of out of step.

basically i have a year 2000 (i think) Record 10 speed group, now originally it was on my Fausto Coppi road bike, also of 2000-ish so is age appropriate for the frame but currently that Fausto Coppi is built with a mostly Record 98-ish 9 speed groupset see here:-


now if you look at that thread you'll see the Fausto Coppi looks great, mostly silver parts, and very classic looking with the original fork.

but then as i have sold the frame the 2000-ish 10 speed groupset was on (a 2008 Condor) it leaves me with a spare Record group, and i also have the ITM millenium fork/post/bar/stem from the original build as those parts are on my Orange Dynamo D2, currently hung in my shop as a frameset, that frame is unfortunately cracked now.

i also have a 1991 Francesco Moser frame that currently is with Jason Rourke having a seat clamp fitted (will explain that when the frame is back) and an original style repaint. this is the reason for the undecided opinion as to what to do.

basically, do i fit the 2000-ish record groupset to the 1991 Moser neo retro style? or do i strip the 98 Record from the Coppi, fit the 2000-ish group to the Coppi and put the 98-ish group on the Moser?

so the obvious thing to do i think is to refit all the 2000 record stuff on to the Coppi as it's then period correct within a year, and then fit the 9 speed group to the Francesco Moser, i realise this is then about 7 years late for the Moser frame but i think the silver will look good on the frame, and it then saves me spending money on a period groupset.

the other option is look for a age appropriate groupset for the Moser, which should be Dura Ace as the paint will be the Chateau D'ax Gianni Bugno style, there is a Full Dura Ace group including wheels on ebay but it would be 8 speed and although correct i'd like 9 speed really as the cassette tends to have a more usable ratio spread on 9 speed.

i have the funds to buy the Dura Ace groupset which having talked to the seller we pretty much agreed £500 all in not including BB or pedals as i don't need either as i want to use Look pedals and the BB is english not italian.

so, buy the dura ace? or start swapping groupsets around?