Hydraulic disc pads... whats going on ...


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I have in the past used a bit of paperclip wire, put through the hole at the end of the pin and twisted to secure. The safety clips, like those on hope are really fiddly to fit and never struck me as being something that could never come off, especially given the bumping about nature of mtb bikes. That said I've never had one come off by itself, only as post above, due to my own stupidity.
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The rod which goes through the spring clip is threaded and can only be removed by Allan key.

Having downloaded the xt pad replacement guide from Shimano, it would appear I am indeed missing a clip (snap ring as shimano call it) from the right hand end of the threaded rod (which explains the groove in the rod) I can only assume this is a secondary, fail safe device to stop the rod from falling out in the event the rod somehow unscrews… which is highly unlikely under normal circumstances as it’s bloody tight and removed by Allen key. There’s few if any images online showing the calliper at the correct angle with this clip in place.


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It's call an e-clip or C-clip depending on who you ask.

it is indeed a secondary safety device, much like lawyer lips on dropouts. Shimano were protecting themselves (as all other brake manufacturers do) with it. whilst it isn't crazy dangerous to ride without it, for the piece of mind they are worth fitting. I've never had the pin back out on a set of brakes, but that doesn't mean it can't happen and I'm not convinced that a company like Shimano, who par everything down to the lowest price would add an extra machining process if they didn't have to.
They are dirt cheap (I think I bought a hundred for 50p a while ago), in fact postage will cost you more. I think they are 2mm.