For Sale Hubs & BBs - Dura-Ace / 105 / Ofmega / Fulcrum / Mavic / Spidel


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All prices include UK postage.
More pics available on request.


Shimano HB-F105 front (missing grease port clip) £10

Shimano HB-F105/FH-R105 front & rear (110mm/126mm spacing) £25

Shimano FH-M737 rear (converted to 145mm spacing, 8-9 speed) £10 SOLD

Shimano 105 HB-5501 32h front £10

Ofmega Competizione anodised 36h front £20

Fulcrum (Campagnolo) 2:1 rear 130mm spacing, Campagnolo cassette pattern, 16h gearside, 8h off side £15

Mavic Kysrium ES (Helium Anniversary Edition) front 18h £8

Open to offers on all the below hubs, just need rid of them:

Spidel Maillard 32h front hub / Helicomatic 32h rear w/ 7 speed £10

Miche 36h front £8

Specialized 8-9 speed cassete hub £8

Onza “S” 135mm 32h rear 8-9 speed £8

Shimano Alivio FH-MC18 8 speed 32h silver rear hub w/ skewer £8

Shimano Alivio FH-MC18 8 speed 32h silver rear hub £8

On One 120mm rear 32h track hub £10

Quando 32h 135mm rear £8

Ridgeback 32h 135mm rear £8

Sachs (unknown model) 36h 100mm front £8

Sachs 5000 U4 32h 100mm front £8

Sachs 5000 W3 36h 100mm front £8

Bottom brackets:

All sold

Dura-Ace BB-7700 Italian thread 36x24 70mm x 109.5mm £35

Dura-Ace BB-7610 NJS BC 1.37” 68mm x 109mm (2 available) £35 each

Ofmega Axis INA 1.37”x24tpi NJS 68mm x 110mm

Shimano Dura Ace 1st gen high flange 36h 100mm / 135mm £75 SOLD


  • Shimano HB-F105 front.JPG
    Shimano HB-F105 front.JPG
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  • Shimano HB-F105:FH-R105 front & rear.JPG
    Shimano HB-F105:FH-R105 front & rear.JPG
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  • Shimano 105 HB-5501.JPG
    Shimano 105 HB-5501.JPG
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  • Ofmega Competizione .JPG
    Ofmega Competizione .JPG
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  • Fulcrum (Campagnolo) 2to1 rear.JPG
    Fulcrum (Campagnolo) 2to1 rear.JPG
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  • Mavic Kysrium ES.JPG
    Mavic Kysrium ES.JPG
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  • Spidel Maillard 32h front hub : Helicomatic 32h rear.JPG
    Spidel Maillard 32h front hub : Helicomatic 32h rear.JPG
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  • Miche 36h front .JPG
    Miche 36h front .JPG
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  • Specialized 8-9 speed .JPG
    Specialized 8-9 speed .JPG
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Yes please to the Dura Ace high flange hubs.
Please confirm the freewheel threading?
Is the rear Dura-Ace skewer included?

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Do you have the period correct quick release spindles for these hubs can,t remember the early hubs ever being 135mm rear, have you owned them from new please. Sorry dura ace large flange.


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Dura-Ace high flange hubs received with thanks. They arrived quickly and well packed, bubble wrap and box.
Many Thanks


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Hello Retro Guru:

I would like to purchase the Spidel hubs as listed. They would ship to Ronald Parent, 1107 St. Louis Avenue, Windsor, Ontario CANADA. Does the rear come with helicomatic cogs as shown? Would you accept £20, and I pay shipping?