How do you tell the difference between Zaskar and LE frames?


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I’m looking at buying a Zaskar frame.
How do I tell the difference between standard and LE frames?
I’m mainly looking at 96-98 frames if that helps.

I was under the impression that the standard frames were made in the Far East, while the LE frames were made in America (or was that just the earlier frames).

Zaskar was American made until about 99-2000 (I’m not sure as I lose interest after 98.

Around 98 the seat clamp became integrated and droppings changed on the LE.

All others prior were same as far as I’m aware.
1997 was when the LE had cnc dropouts and integrated seat clamp. I’ll have to see if I have any pics of the frost blue one I had back in 97.

As above but think its 1998

Dont forget to look at the brilliant archive of brochures on here folks

Late 1997 built frames were 98 model year from memory.

I had one in 98 brand new with bombers and Maguras.
The catalog confirms my memory, 96 was just the Zaskar, 97 saw the LE with cnc dropouts etc whereas the standard Zaskar retained a seat collar and non cnc dropouts.
I think LE was also frame only “race” and the component spec was to be M900. I bought a turquoise frame in 92/93 in San Francisco and equipped it with M900. I sold it long ago but still have a 97. They are a fast frame and I still love the triangle design. It was cutting edge in its time and still a fun roll.