Hope disc timeline


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finding it really difficult to find a definitive timeline? nothing on search here or google. does anyone have any info?
I have some information from their 08 brochure but it is sketchy, I spoke to one of the founders about it and got the impression it was hectic development so a few models may have crossed over a bit.

All I really know is when I got mine and that they have a matching rear sitting in their foyer museum.

I'll try and dig out the brochure and put in the info here over the next week or so.

in the mean time....
what I believe to be a Mark 1 cable disk bought in dec 91:

and fitted...
thanks mate, came across an old thread with your cable disc innit. very nice.

All I am wondering is, what year the C2 came out and what was around before it?

Mot sure when the C2 started may have been as early as 93, they moved to hydraulics pretty quickly.

Here is the Mark 1 caliper with what I call a mark2 hub...

From 95

It's strange how the mk1 kit is 6 bolt (which later became the standard for years), then moved to 3 bolt, then 5 etc. Wonder why they didn't stick with 6 bolt?
Pads for the cable calipers are CFA248 - look at the drawing to confirm - the photo is rarely accurate.

http://www.ebcbrakesdirect.com/mountain ... echanical#

you can also order them via your LBS direct from hope.

there are a few compounds available if you seach google for CFA248 brake pads - you get a few links.

They are much heavier than OEM as the pad is on cast metal instead of the original CNC'd alu. I've kept my old ones in case I ever find out how to make my own (I think you just cast the compound onto the bare metal plate)