Help pls! Need a frame ID or rough date


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Thanks very much - that gives me a good start. Great bike you've got there, glad you are enjoying it.

Why thank you!

That looks like the one, have you got any ideas how you will build her up?

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out :cool:

Just shopping for rims - not sure whether to go for 27" or 700c now, hmm. What rim/tyre combo do you have on yours? Probably go for a pair of System X or possibly Ambrosio Zenith track hubs if I can scrape the extra cash together.

I'd love to get a Campagnolo chainset, but might be a bit to expensive to get a period correct one. The Williams C1000 also looks great, but they look very hard to come by. I'll take a trip up to the Bristol Bike workshop and have a rumage through their parts bin I think.

I really fancy a pair of pista type bars and a nice log alloy quill stem, that should finish it off nicely :)


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The wheels on mine are made up of a Resilion rear hub, unknown front track hub, both large flange, laced up to Mavic T217 on the rear, and a Mavic MA2 on the front, 700c... I've got another T217 built onto an Airlite hub as a spare too!

Keep an eye out online for bits that pop up, especially wheels- on ebay etc. Be careful in measuring the internal distance between your track ends... may be the deciding factor of what hubs you can run! - My frame is spaced at 110mm at the rear...very skinny and somewhat limits my choice of hubs.

I was fairly limited with what I could run on the rear, as the hub is 40h, and 40h rims are reasonably hard to come by. Tires are Panaracer Pasela's in 28mm size.

If your planning to run it with a fixed gear I'd suggest you go for a chainset a little more modern than the Williams you mentioned. Cottered chainsets weren't great- technology moves on for a reason! I'm running TA specialites on mine, with a TA chainring, similar to Stronglight 49d cranks.

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Lovely looking lugs and I think it looks great, Raw, without paint! I've just finished stripping my old track bike and I'm going to leave it raw for a while.

Vintage Bike Cave .com should be able to sort you out, ifyou have trouble finding any bits. Last time I looked they had a few sets of 27" wheel sets for reasonable money.


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Thanks everyone for taking the time to help - much appreciated.

My frame is 120mm across the back drop-outs, 100mm on the front, so that gives me plenty of choice on track hubs thankfully!

I would feel a bit of a heretic bunging a relatively modern chainset on there, but you are right of course - especially on a bike I intend to use on a regular basis.

Oh, and thanks SG for the link to the Bike Cave - some cracking gear there.

Anyway, first step this week - The frame's in the body-shop for a few coats of two-pack. Pictures to follow in a few weeks.




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And this is what it looks like after a few coats of "Old English White" 2-pack:



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Well, it's now roadworthy, although not sure if it's finished! I'll probably be shot down in flames, but I ended up using modern finishing kit as this will be my everyday commuting bike/winter trainer and needs to be reliable. I did de-logo/sticker everything however, to try and keep it looking "in-keeping" for the bike. It's a fantastic ride, can't wait to get out on it again in the mroning: