Help Please! Witcomb frame identification


Retro Wizard
;) A pleasure!

Similarly hoping one day to discover if there is a proper model / variant list for my 1979 Witcomb, looks like a typical do-everything clubman machine with mudguard eyes etc.


Dirt Disciple
Many thanks to everybody who chipped in, gr8 to see some lovely old bikes and components too, with a bit of help and a bit more digging around I can definitely say it is a Witcomb LX Professional, 1958 - 62 era, some more research is needed to try to make use of the serial number and possibly nervex number stamped on the BB.

The wrapover Seat stay is designed to look like a W and is a feature of the LX Professional.

It was in 58 when Stan Brittain completed the TDF and he did it on a Witcomb.

I have posted links showing other Witcombs from the same era with similar stays and lug details.

Velo63 blog ... 4594543911

Lovely Witcomb track bike ... 656269.htm