HELP PLEASE!! Very Nice Lightweight Road/Tourer Frameset


Thanks for all the replies
Really interesting thoughts from all of you
A bit of a mystery I must say.
It seems odd the drilling on the head tube.
Really nice frame though
Hopefully the vast knowledgeable members here on RB will come up with some answers.

Everything crossed

Have seen Buckley Brothers with Brampton lugs also but the 3 holes on the headtube has stumped me.


Hi Shaun

Thanks for that
Iv'e had a look for F.C.Parkes on Classic Lightweights site but no joy
A list of different models on google ranging from the 50s come up but none with the 3 hole design badge on headtube

I will update the post with original picture when i collected a few days ago
Sadly too big for me
It would have been a keeper at the right size
So has to go if and when i get some more detail about it
The owner passed away a few years ago


Some photos of the frame built up
With a mix of early Campag Record / SR silstar chainset / GB Hidiminium Stem and a lovely headset


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Midlife":2lr84dhl said:
Not sure why but has an F C Parkes look about it.....

I think I'd probably rule out Parkes, Shaun. I don't think I've seen one with those sorts of lugs. Typically they also had earlier looking forks and had clip type headsets right up into the 50s.

It's the long tongue on the lugs which gives this away, in my opinion. It's really frustrating because someone had one recently on LFGSS and I cannot remember what it was.
I thought I'd seen something similar recently and maybe LFGSS rings a bell. Or maybe it was RK selling his bike for 50 quid more on here than LFGSS, but I digress

The long lugs seem pretty fresh in the memory so couldn't have been that long ago on LFGSS, I'm sure it wasn't CC Which the other forum I visit.

lots of possibles, it does look Macleans , but with the 3 vertical holes could it be a Carlton, Carlton did do a vertical 'Carlton' badge, and as you can see it is a bit like a clubman, below is my 46/47, so allowing for a couple years improvements ( dropouts, top of seat stays ) , could it be an early fifties one, just a thought.




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Slight difference in lugs but here is my Maclean as a reference.



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Re new owner :

Hi guys , Iv recently became the owner of this frame . I still have no idea of what make it is , but I have found out that it has Ekla lugs . I think the badge holes have been a "DIY" at some point . Any more input would be great .

I bought it as I liked the look of the frame so it's curiosity for me to find out more about it .

I was thinking it could be a George Elrick of Stirling frame when I compare it to some other pictures .