Help identify this Pina?


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Hi all

I may be interested in this vintage Pinarello, as I like the Spartan look, the chrome, and need the large frame size :eek::


However, in order to avoid paying stoopid money for it, it would be helpful if I knew a bit more about it. I have asked the seller about the tubing, but they say they don't know. I was slightly surprised by that, as I suppose I would have expected some sort of badge on the frame.

Any help will be much appreciated :)


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Possibly a Pinarello Montello, The Montello has Columbus SLX tubing (the gold sticker at the top of the seat tube will have SLX on it). There should be GP engravings in the top of the seat stays, top of the forks., plus a few casting marks (quite subtle) that have the GP logo sticking out of the frame by the seat bolt. There will be a sculpted bridge behind the bottom bracket.

The bottom bracket will also have a triangular section on top of it on each site with the same GP logo protruding. the rear brake bridge can either be round or occasionally it can be more sculpted, the lugs will have cut-outs and as you can see the rear brake goes through the top tube but it is only the cable that does - not the outer.

If they don't know much about it, perhaps its worth asking why? If they had it forever they must remember it cost them loads. Check serial number is on underside of BB, there will be a cut-out and it will say the SN and also Pinarello and Treviso, Italy.

Looks like that is Shimano 600 or Dura Ace equipped? at least partially, and would have been a pretty penny back in the day.

Better pics would help. Price: Subjective as they say. If its in poor condition it can be quite cheap, if its very tidy and well maintained someone might pay handsomely for it. A really spotless one will command strong money. Check the chrome, see if its OK.

There is one on ebay at the moment, which is nice... Note anything on ebay that says 'Montello' needs checking 3 times minimum, people will list anything with 'montello' in the title, probably in caps, with too many exclamation marks after it, and it will probably be selling socks or stickers or a completely different italian bike that is 'not montello'. Etc.


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Tx very much!! Gives me quite a lot to go on. I haven't actually seen the bike in the, erm, steel yet, so until I do (at the end of this week or next week perhaps, if it's worth it...) I'll have to rely on the seller to give me more information.

Gruppo is def DuraAce, possibly complete -- see pics below. Apologies for the quality of these btw... I know they're not the best.




The one on eBay is beautiful indeed, and has the advantage (to my mind anyway) of a more up to date Campag groupset. But it's also a fair bit more expensive than this one...


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The seller now tells me the sticker does indeed say Columbus SLX. Possibly good news, but I've noticed that the fork doesn't have the GPT logo, whereas this one clearly does: