Help Identify Mid 90's Rocky Mountain Frame


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I purchased this 20" frame as part of a lot sale from an older gentleman. He said it was a mid 90's Blizzard frame he never had the time to restore. It was repainted with fresh decals applied - thus I am not certain if it was a Blizzard.

Looking at the '96 RM catalog, it resembles an Equipe, Vertex, Blizzard etc.

1. What exact RM frame do I have here??
2. Was it one of the last ones Made in Canada?
3. Does the 4 digit serial number signify anything?

On another forum, I read a 4 digit RM serial means it was issued to a Team Rider - is this true?

4. Is this a rare piece & worth more than $75 US?

Any help identifying the exact year and model of this RM frame would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.











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One of the last one made in Canada? Not for sure, my 2006 ETSX and Element both are hand made in Canada, welded and painted. So, that question is : No.

It is a steel RM that is for sure, but it has been repainted. I don´t know the old serial numbers, but it is not a thunderbolt or a fushion for the details. You can weight the frame to guess if it is a Tange Prestige ultimate ultralight. If it is over 1800gr that sticker is not the correct one for sure.

You have to look for the details. For example, here is a 1996 blizzard. Look the rea bridge, the lateral cable routing ... it is not from this year.

You can find more Blizzards and other models from different years and try to guess, the cable routing is very rare in your frame, so it could be easy to identify if you find one like yours.

Or with a bit of luck, some one will help you with the model.

EDIT: It is a 1997 or post 1997 model because it has not the rear arch for cantilevers.
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I have seen that format of serial number on RM Bicycles from 1991 and 1993, all starting with the digit 8.

Are you sure the frame tubes are chrome-moly? Test with a magnet.


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Well it is not a Blazzard as it has the wrong triangle setup, the cable stops..
Look at 1993 Equipe/Fusion.
Equipe would be the better estimate.


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not using masking tape for the cantilever bolts or removing bottle cage screw before painting the frame does make me think that the repainting wasn't done very professional.

Do you think it will last while using the bike?