Guess the weight difference -old vs newish seat pillars


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The Super Record would be a bit heavier if was made for current frame sizing. Much longer of course but also would have thicker walls.


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How much for a 90-120gram post though? Even the £200 ones I could see are 150g or more...
Oh, twice that, we're talking not much change from 350 quid.

But still, top of the range, is still top of the range!

I have some brightly coloured beans for sale if you are interested.
A 350 quid seatpin works though, serves a purpose, just does it very expensively and with minimal weight.

I mean you could go integrated if you really want to cane the bank balance. Saddle bonded to the seatpin..... They are as expensive as you want.

Think one guy has his saddle bonded to the seatmast, which is unusual.

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