GT zaskar race year 2000


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Thinking of parting with my year 2000 GT Zaskar Race in excellent condition.
Could anyone put a possible value on this

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A 1000 rupees?

To get a sensible valuation, information like size, specs and location are really helpful.
But not as much as pictures, pictures and pictures.
Given the year of manufacture of your Zassie, you best post all pics and info here: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=140396
Good luck!


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Medium frame
Everything major on the bike is original and in full working excellent condition
Xtr rear
LX front
LX cranks
LX shifters
Avid v brakes
Magic 225 rims
Rockshox Sid xc forks

mk one

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Hi Uppy, like above, you would be better posting this in the thread in the link provided, this is for pre-'97 bikes, and also as above, pictures! people will want to see the bike and you know what they say, pictures speak a thousand words and all that :D