Wanted GT Talera Frame - must be same as in pic on thread


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Looking for a Talera frame, building my collection of bikes from my childhood. Size not important, but must be in good nick and in the colourway below:

Is this blue Talera any good to you?👆
It is resting at my folks place in the Lake District and I know my Dad would be happy to see the back of it! I appreciate it’s not exactly as in the photo but it’s yours if you want it. Let me know if it works.
Thanks for the offer, but it’s that particular paint job I’m looking for as it’s the one I had when I was 14
I can’t help you with your search for a frame, but I had the exact same Talera at 14 as well. Many happy memories of that bike. Good luck finding one!

I assume you’ve seen these two mate? They look similar I think but not the same
Thanks Dom. I got in touch with the guy from St Helens over the weekend but it’s flat blue rather than the patterned finish. Was all excited.

I will find one!!

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