Gios blue, where to find matching paint?


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Hi All,

Now this is an emotive question!
What colour is Gios Blue?
I am restoring an early 80s Gios torino Super Record and I would like to match the colour as best I can. I will then ask ARGOS Cycles to do the respray.
It would seem that Gios themselves used various shades over the years. The early ones being a bit darker than the later ones.
I have also seen a reference on the web to Gios using a red undercoat, maybe that might be good to use? But I would have thought that undercoat colours were more important when using metallic finishes?
I do have a new old stock set of forks (thanks to Brick Lane Bikes) to use as a means of matching the colour.
ARGOS have RAL 5002 blue, but is is not very close to the original colour on the forks.

My local motor trade paint supplier says that the forks don't provide enough surface area to use a spectrometer to help with the matching?

I have found a Skoda colour, '4402 Laser blue STANDARD' which looks quite close.
Anyone got any better suggestions? Maybe some Retrobike member has passed this way before and solved the issue with a perfect match? If so please let me have the paint code so I can get some mixed.



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Might not help as you'd have to talk to other paint companies but in my Gios Link in my Signature is a list of guys who have sprayed Gios. I know my local Painter who has done my RM also has a Gios Blue, but like yours mine is an 80/81 & is darker than the Aluminium frames were...Let me know if you get sorted as I'll be in the same boat...


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Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

Trust me to first find the unobtainable bike and then the also unobtaniable forks with the coins in the top; and now find the colour is also next to impossible to match!
Ah well, keep looking I guess. It would not be so much fun if it was easy.
I have spoken to one owner who ended up getting Race Scene in Barnsley to send his frame back to Gios to get it painted!

My next line is to leave the forks with my local paint supplier and let them see what their paint mixing team can come up with.



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Hello again - found it but not sure it will help -

Might need a trip to Iran!

Possibly they would help with a contact though.
Worth trying some of the long established English finishers - Ellis Briggs, Vaz?

I gave mine a good polish recently & it came up very well, some touch up needed here & there so if you get lucky please let me know.
Good hunting, Julian


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Re: Gios blue

Did you manage to sort out the colour? I have a Gios, paint is chipped, would like to touch it up. Was just wondering where I could get a small sample bottle. Mine is a gios compact pro evolution.