Sold Geoffrey Butler Frameset 22". £125


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For sale:

22" Geoffrey Butler frameset in high gloss British Racing Green.

Seat tube = 22" measured c2c.

Top tube = 21.5" c2c.

Head tube = 5.5".

Seat post size = 27.2 mm.

Front OLN = 100 mm

Rear OLN = 130 mm.

Tange headset.

Smooth BB.

No dents or damage but as you can see from the photos, it needs touching up in quite a few places. Unless I keep a bike/frame, I don't touch them up as I prefer the buyer to see exactly what they're getting which is another reason why it is to be collected.

It was stove enamelled about 8 years ago by Argos (Bristol).

Now I know GB didn't make his own frames until much later and this one is either going to be a Roberts or Cliff Shrubb. Personally, I think it's a Shrubb. I'm pretty sure it's a 531 DB.

According to a relative of the old chap who I bought it off, he purchased it new and moaned that they had to go to the other side of the River (Thames) to Croydon to get it !

Has one bottle holder.

I've tried my best to find a frame number but I suspect it's on the BB shell and I'm not removing the paint to find it, I know what it is and unless the new buyer is going to re-paint it, then all will be revealed !

The rear wheel barrel adjusters on the rear stays are straight and adjust freely.

It is collection only from the GL2 area of Gloucestershire.

I know I could probably get more for it on a specialist website but that's not what I want to do with it.

£125. Cash on collection or Bank Transfer.

No dibs please. Causes more problems than it's worth !

I feel it only right to let members know that if it doesn't sell by 2 pm tomorrow, Sunday 16th of May then I will be listing it on eBay with a BIN price of £150. It will still be collection only.


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